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I agree, LSMK is a mouthful, so is the music. The genre bending soundscapes are at the very least, entirely your responsibility to consume with caution and reckless abandon. That’s the mindset you need to be on from the artist with a stylized first name ’’Olisaemeka’’.  The artist sets a 360 degree lens for his audience as he blends music, production, art direction and content creation.


‘’Music has always been center stage with everything I do. It’s the driver, it’s the reason. If someone else worked on it, chances are I tried it and preferred a third eye but it’s a natural reaction for me to want to be responsible for every single process’’.


A fan aptly states ‘’the experience is a dream snatched away from you right when you’re at the cusp of grinning in real life; snatched only because there isn’t enough of his work out there. So essentially, his loyalists are starved for a sweet finish… that never finishes’’.


Post LUSH (2016 Mixtape), LSMK takes a musical hiatus to not necessarily reinvent but augment his sound. Featured tracks like Nostalgia, Thiccck and Bad in more recent years illustrate further a more naturally distinct blend of his direction. This stewing brings us to the culmination of this barbaric wait time…BABE!


BABE! Is a glorification of self. The 15 track project pivots between commercially saccharine pop odes to nuanced takes on obsession, body positivity, awakening, honesty and self affirmation. ‘’It’s really about her and whoever it is to the listener, but in a lot of ways it’s a saturated introspection’’.

’You’re the oxide to my eternal flame’’, ‘’I feel like they had you in mind when they came up with Juicy Couture’’ and ‘’I am activated, it’s a beautiful on switch of a thousand epiphanies’’ are just a few excerpts littered across the project that enunciate the sweet release that comes with succumbing to your significant other and more importantly, being honest with yourself. ‘’Love songs are easier to write when you’re not deliberately writing them. This also works better in the shower’’.


Production single-handedly spans from handheld devices to work stations, offering a seismic plethora of samples, airy otherworldly chords, and a larger than life and deliberately overwhelming sense of sound as per signature of the artist. The features are uniquely quantified; you hear exactly enough from each artist and how they supplement the work with their own nuances, conversations and energy.

BABE! A musical effort birthed despite a particularly difficult time in the world, is an illustration of the extent LSMK can go to as a one man band and as an artist in his own right.

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